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  • GitHub comments for a Hugo-based blog

    2019-04-19 | 6 min read

    From the dawn of times (when I started this blog) I was using Disqus solution for comments on pages. I had almost no complains towards it, but recently I learnt that one can use GitHub issues as a source of comments! That sounds just too cool not to try.

    GitHub comments

    This article will focus on adding GitHub comments to a Hugo-based blog, but actually you can add those anywhere you want, would it be a different blog-engine or something completely different altogether.

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  • Huawei E3372 modem on Mac OS

    2019-04-17 | 5 min read

    So I have this 4G+/LTE modem - Huawei E3372, also known as Megafon M150-2 - which is exactly the variation I got.

    Huawei E3372 connected to MacBook Pro

    Eventually I got sick of its connection management software for Mac OS (the one that comes from Megafon), so I started looking for a way to be able to connect to the internet on Mac OS without it.

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  • TinyURL Alfred Workflow

    2019-04-02 | 1 min read

    For a long time I was using this useful Shorten URL workflow for Alfred, mostly via But then it stopped working (classic Google), so I created my own workflow with TinyURL.


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  • Mac OS service for checking media streams

    2019-04-02 | 1 min read

    I needed to be able to quickly find out if a movie/episode contains subtitles. “Quickly” means without opening the file in a media player and getting its information there.

    So I just created a Mac OS service that gets this info with FFmpeg:

    Mac OS automator

    And here’s how it works:

    Mac OS service

  • Migrating from Octopress to Hugo

    2019-03-17 | 9 min read

    Octopress is a great blogging engine/framework, and I was happy with it for several years, but recently I discovered a new one - Hugo.

    Octopress to Hugo

    I liked it so much that I decided to move my blog to it.

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  • The Girl in the Spider's Web

    2019-01-26 | 2 min read

    Stieg Larsson wrote 3 books from the Millennium series. Unfortunately, he died before he could write more.

    Looking at some parts of my blog, it’s rather easy to notice that these books made quite an impression on me. By the way, the original title and domain of the blog were actually “Wasp Enterprises”.

    So it was not a nice surprise when I suddenly discovered yesterday that this greedy piece of shit publishing company Norstedts contracted some random author David Lagercrantz to continue the series. And there are already 2 more books published, the first of which having the title “The Girl in the Spider’s Web”:

    The Girl in the Spider's Web book cover

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  • The Girl in the Spider's Web

    2019-01-26 | 1 min read

    The Girl in the Spider's Web

    Бинарник программы в 2725 байт с графическим интерфейсом пользователя и мультимедиа ресурсами, позволяющий управлять “онлайн” системами обороны (включая пуск ракет) различных стран, который нельзя копировать и можно только перемещать, а также который несколько минут грузится с серверов NSA (нечеловеческий объём ~2.6 КБ) - и это кино про Лисбет Саландер?

    Всё остальное выдержано в том же духе. Ну и актёры не вывозят.

    Поразительно, что Финчер принимал в этом участие, пусть и как продюсер. Хотя думаю сцену с подвешиванием на троссе это как раз он добавил - типа он это всё не одобряет.

    Что могу сказать создателям: FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING FUCKS.


  • Fixing "corrupted" JPG files on Mac OS

    2019-01-03 | 4 min read

    Sometimes when I save certain images from particular imageboards, I cannot preview or open those on Mac OS. They work fine on Windows, but I cannot even edit those on Mac OS using graphic editors. If you ever saw this infinitely loading preview, then you know what I am talking about:

    If video doesn’t play in your browser, you can download it here

    So far my solution was to re-save the picture on Windows using GIMP or something else, but as I suspected it can actually be fixed on Mac OS as well - by editing the file in a HEX editor.

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  • Telegram bot via webhook

    2018-12-04 | 5 min read

    Some time ago I wrote an article about creating a Telegram bot, and there I promised to update it with a webhook method description, but never did. Now I finally got time to do that.

    Telegram bot webhook

    Эта статья на русском 🇷🇺.

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  • Telegram бот через webhook

    2018-12-02 | 5 min read

    Я тогда давно написал статью про создание Telegram бота, и обещал дополнить её описанием настройки работы через webhook, но так и не дополнил. Вот только сейчас дошли руки.

    Telegram bot webhook

    This article in english 🇺🇸.

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