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  • Barefaced phone scammers

    2019-08-22 | 5 min read

    I got a phone call the other day. The man on the other end told me (with a strong indian accent), that he is from “Computer Solutions” (or something). That already sounded fishy, but he also used my full name, which lowered my guard for a bit, so I did not hang up right away.


    Right after “how are you” he said that according to their “systems” my computer is in danger, because, as they can “see”, there was some “hacking software” downloaded to my computer, and they will now help me to get rid of it.

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  • Chunked upload to Twitter with C# / .NET Core

    2019-08-22 | 9 min read

    While images can be uploaded to Twitter in one request, uploading a video is a different story.

    .NET Core, Twitter

    And although I’ve managed to implement it, I am not entirely happy with the result, and later you will see why is that.

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  • DNB, communication and Face ID

    2019-08-17 | 4 min read

    Some more experience with norwegian bank DNB. In 2019.

    DNB fails

    In particular, about their implementation of Face ID, the way they do communication and other things.

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  • Logstalgia, build for Windows

    2019-08-17 | 6 min read

    There is this amazing tool Logstalgia which visualizes web-server logs. Sadly, there were no new builds for Windows after the version 1.0.9, so I decided to make one with the latest version (1.1.2 at the moment).

    Logstalgia, Windows build

    I will describe the process and also publish pre-built binaries.

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  • GLFW and Dear ImGui

    2019-08-04 | 8 min read

    Last time I tried SDL and Dear ImGui and that was quite interesting. So today I would like to explore a GLFW and Dear ImGui combo.

    GLFW, Dear ImGui and a model on Mac OS

    There will be also a silly SDL vs GLFW comparison.

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  • Rectangle previews after recent Twitter redesign

    2019-07-22 | 3 min read

    Twitter got a new design, and that broke our pictures - these geniuses made rectangle previews for everything, even for square pictures.

    Fortunately there is a kinda workaround - to post GIFs instead of images, because GIFs don’t get rectangle previews. Retarded problems - retarded solutions.

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  • Yet another new set of Qt icons

    2019-06-22 | 3 min read

    Not that long ago Qt logo and other stuff got rebranded, and most of the Qt tools got new icons. But then some freshly hired demiurge from the design team apparently decided that those are just boring and came up with a new design, which in my arrogant opinion is basically a piece of shit:

    Qt Creator new icon

    Just what kind of designer would get an idea that this diagonally-mutilated two-color thingy (with all capital letters!) is better than the current nice and clean version? I reckon, a very creative and talented kind.

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  • SDL and Dear ImGui, C++ GUI without Qt

    2019-05-26 | 13 min read

    Qt is certainly great, but there are other ways for creating cross-platform GUI, one of such ways being a combination of SDL and Dear ImGui.

    SDL and Dear ImGui

    While, in my opinion, it barely can compete with Qt (especially Qt Quick) in terms of beauty and fancy, it is nevertheless a simple, lightweight and quite powerful “framework”.

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  • Visual Studio Code and CMake for Qt

    2019-05-11 | 5 min read

    After numerous promises of how Qbs will be the Qt’s default build system, The Qt Company suddenly killed it, announced that qmake is a dead man walking too, and actually Qt is switching to CMake.

    So I guess we should start using CMake for building Qt applications as well. Let’s see then what it takes to switch from qmake to CMake with a couple of basic examples.

    Qt, CMake and Visual Studio Code

    I also wanted to try Qt development with Visual Studio Code, and now is a good occasion for that.

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  • Custom CSS in SharePoint

    2019-05-04 | 3 min read

    What an ugly, tremendously complex, absolutely not-intuitive, horribly slow and simply retarded puddle of vomit this fucking SharePoint is. I hate it will all the fibers of my soul.

    Unfortunately, I have to deal with this crap at work. And the very first thing I wanted to do was to add a custom CSS file, so our pages wouldn’t look like total shit.

    Styling SharePoint

    There is an official documentation on the subject, but it didn’t help me much (if at all).

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