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Windows 10, connect to a projector by specifying its IP address manually

Project to a screen

Press the Windows key + P, and then choose a way to project:PC screen onlyDuplicateExtendSecond screen only

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I see... Let me go ahead and check on your Case ID. Please allow me 2-3 minutes for this. Thank you.

Thank you for patiently waiting. Upon checking on your case, it shows that you are having issues configuring the projector through network to your Windows 10 PC, is that correct?


As you can see, I have a question about connecting to a projector on Windows 10 via network by specifying its IP address. I can't find this functionality in Windows 10. Previous support specialist said that it is available in the newest Windows 10 release 1703. I asked for a step-by-step instruction how to do it in this new Windows 10 1703 after I will upgrade to it,, and this specialist sent me an e-mail. But this e-mail did not contain such instruction, it was just general info about updating Windows 10 to this 1703 release. So, my issue is still not resolved, and I still cannot find such functionality even in the newest Windows 10 1703

So, again, my question: is it even possible, to connect to a projector via network by manually specifying its IP address on Windows 10? On Windows 7 it is possible, I can do it with no problem.

Thank you for all the information you provided. May I ask, what is the brand of your projector?

Previous specialist asked this question already, and it is not related to the projector at all, this is the Windows functionality. Again, my question: is it possible on Windows 10? Because on Windows 7 it is possible disregarding the projectors brand, it works with any projector

I only need to understand if Windows 10 has such functionality

Let me go ahead and check on this with my resources so that I can provide you an accurate information regarding this. Please allowm me 2-3 minutes for this.

Thank you for patiently waiting. Upon checking with my resources, any device should be auto detected by your PC as long as you are connected to the same network.

Yes. But in cases when auto-detection fails to find a projector, Windows 7 provides an ability to specify the IP address of a projector manually. Can Windows 10 do the same?

Because I couldn't find it on Windows 10

But I have it on Windows 7, and it works just fine

I need it on Windows 10 too. Is it there?

Or auto-detection is the only way?

Let me further check on it. Please bear with me. Thank you.

Thank you for waiting.

Upon checking here with my support, the only way for now in Windows 10 1703 is auto-detection.

Thank you for the information. Just as I thought so. I will live a feature request then on the Feedback Hub.



Let me give you the article that saying that it was removed in Windows 10

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or I will send it into your email instead

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Thank you very much for your kind patience.

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Click on the article please

at the latter part it says - Unfortunately, NEC does not supply a driver to replace the Connect to a Network Projector feature (netproj.exe) that was in Windows 7 and 8 but that appears to be missing in Windows 10.

Yeah, but that's hardly an official article, it's just a forum reply, I saw similar ones all over the internet, and I just wanted to get an official statement that this feature is not available on Windows 10

And previous support specialist assured me that is is available in Windows 10 1703, so I had to update t see that it's not true

Anyway, thanks for your help, bye

We will be further check on this for you and will send you helpful links regarding this issue.

I will raise a ticket on this matter so that higher level Engineers of Microsoft can clarify and check on this issue

Good, thank you for that

We'll be using the same case number 1382107965


Thank you very much for your patience and understanding